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Root Barriers

Having an outdoor yard is a great thing especially when there’s good weather. We love an outdoor weekend BBQ just as much as anyone else, but its hard to have people over if your yard is flooded or eroded. There are many causes to yard flooding and water erosion. One of the most common causes to these water drainage issues are overextending tree roots that get in the way or alter the landscape of your yard and can lead to problems. Our company offers root barrier services to help contain roots and prevent floods, erosion, and other drainage problems you may be dealing with.


Trees are hardy beings and their roots are stronger than you think. Over time, the roots of trees can grow into the nooks and crannies of any concrete driveway or around the walls of any room. Many times, there is no problem but we have seen many situations where roots have broken into the foundation of houses and created leaks. Even though the leak may be small, it can lead to floods. If you have flooding due to tree roots, give us a call. We’ll contain them using root barriers and make sure the flood never happens again.

Flood Prevention

There are few ways to invest in your property better than by preventing accidents from happening. Flood repairs can be some of the most expensive home repairs you can make, especially if the flood leads to mildew or mold growth. That’s why we believe in flood prevention and offer our root barrier services as a prevention method. Making sure the tree roots around your house are contained and guided away from pipes can significantly decrease the risk of flood due to tree roots.

Root Barrier Installation and Repairs

The League City Drainage & Irrigation company offers root barrier services to meet your needs. Whether you have suffered a flood and are in need of immediate help, or are thinking ahead and want to invest in precautionary measures, we can help. Our services include root barrier installation for any landscape. We’ll evaluate whether chemical or physical root barriers are best for your situation and install the most appropriate option. We also offer root barrier repairs in case your root barriers are weakening after years of exposure to the elements.


As professional drainage and irrigation contractors, we’ve learned over the years that a job well done has two faces: one underground where the dirty work takes place, and one above ground that should look beautiful. Outdoor areas should be enjoyed no matter what piping system or irrigation system you’ve got going on underneath. That’s why we offer landscaping services in addition to our root barrier services. We’ll install root barriers in places that make sense to a beautiful landscape and the natural flow of your yard, whether you’ve got lots of big trees around or not, we’ll work with your yard to find a unique solution.

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