Yard Drainage

Do you have yard drainage issues in your property?

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Yard Drainage

Do you have yard drainage issues in your property? We offer yard drainage solution services for both residential and commercial properties at any point in the year at an affordable price. Our yard drainage services are designed to troubleshoot and find solutions that are specific to the issues you have. We will get to the bottom of any problem, whether its seasonal drought, erosion, or flooding, and find a solution that is appropriate to the landscape of your property and your needs.

Root Barriers

Tree roots are one of the most common causes of water drainage problems on properties. Tree roots can cause differing problems depending on the landscape of your yard. In some situations, tree roots can lead to indoor flooding and yard ponding. In other situations, it can lead to pipe breakage, dry patches, or even erosion. Depending on the landscape and distribution of land in your property, we can reduce the impact of tree roots by installing root barriers. Root barriers help control tree roots and limit them to certain areas to prevent flooding and drainage problems you may be experiencing.

Retaining Walls

Do you have water erosion problems in your back yard? Or runoff that you can’t control and is leading to floods? We can help. The League City Drainage & Irrigation company offers a variety of services including retaining wall construction and maintenance to help you manage water problems on your property. Whether your issue is flooding or erosion, constructing a retaining wall will help to prevent lawn ponding. Our landscapers will help design a retaining wall that is both practical and beautiful. In addition to retaining wall construction, we offer retaining wall maintenance in case you need to reinforce your current retaining wall.

Erosion Prevention

One of the foremost problems homeowners and commercial business owners experience on their properties is erosion. Erosion leads to many problems like flooding, leaks, pipe breakage, and earth accumulation where you don’t want it. Over time, erosion can significantly change the landscape of your property. If you have erosion problems and are tired of worrying about them without knowing how to stop it, give us a call. As drainage professionals, we will help solve the problem with a solution that is unique to your situation. There are many different solutions we can establish, including root barriers and retaining walls to help reduce and prevent erosion and protect the landscape of your property.

Flood Prevention and Solution

Our yard drainage services include flood prevention and solution services. We are the team to call if you’ve noticed that a room in your house has flooded. Our professional drainage contractors will stop the flood to prevent further damage, and find an affordable solution for you. Our contractors can also install a yard drainage system that will conduce the flow of water away from flood areas and buildings to prevent floods. Investing in a yard drainage system can save hundreds if a flood were to occur, we think that prevention is the best medicine.

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