Water that has settled inside our basement during a storm can cause drainage problems and cause damage as excess issues can create holes. The yard drain problem can cause homeowners a little confusion. While you may find puddles in your basement could be a sign of rain that could indicate you need specialized attention to fix.

Landscaping issues

Take a good look at your grass and your bare soil. Standing water on your home is an indication your yard doesn’t drain correctly. The water will be moved into your basement if the water has not yet reached its source, causing more harm in its foundation.

Tell me the most efficient way to stop pooling at foundations? Water in your house or in your foundation should really be taken out as quickly as possible, and it can also lead to major property foundation problems in very a short time.

Water marks on the floor of your house can be difficult to spot but they are not the only problem when a wall leak occurs. There are some white and grey crusty surfaces. They’re formed by minerals left behind when water evaporates, sometimes called efflorescence.

However, although efflorescences will not be problematic and can likely be removed, this may be indicative of problems with yard drainage in the backyard. Larger areas or spalling may suggest that the foundation has water drain problems and may need something like a perforated pipe or a catch basin.

Go outside when rain is coming. If your drains and drain pipes are full of water and your downspouts drain water directly into your home, it might cause water to run directly onto a concrete slab and into your basement. Even though gutters may not seem important when dealing with drainage problems at your property, they can often become the largest culprits.

Mold is a sign that a drainage problem exists. Unless you’ve got problems in your gutters or downspouts, you can get to your attic and check it out. If mildew is found on an insulate roof, this indicates moisture has flown out of your basement. It can not only help resolve water drainage down below, you might even have to completely replace your roof.

Having cracks in a foundation could cause another problem. Large cracks are often associated with serious drainage issues causing severe structural damage.

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