The question of how French drains function is frequently addressed. Another common French drain name is Drain Tiles. The term drain tile has become quite misnomer. Probably you know that water goes down because of gravity. French drains are a result of a drainage solution. French drains utilize gravel or stone, a perforated tube, and a deep hole that water enters. This trench enables you to get rid of water in most low spots. These pipes are located underground around your house and lead to a runoff. Then, the water can then be taken either by gravitational force or through an underground sump pump.

If the excess water is in the yard close to the home’s foundation and even more so in the basement we’ll take this step first. It will also be necessary to build a water-tight system to eliminate any drainage problems in those locations. Our goal includes removing water from homes with well-designed downspouts and gutters for safe and efficient drainage. Strong gutters keep more water from escaping from roofs and down your walls.

Drainage can be an ideal fix for any drainage issues in your yard. Despite being able to catch water and redirect it away from the house, the water must ultimately go somewhere, like a low spot in the ground or a runoff. There are many drainage options available for yard drainage problems, like underground pipes, a slope, a rain garden, or even install a dry well. This problem is usually fixed using french drains.

Capting the waters is not sufficient enough. Landscape design is an inexpensive and straightforward change that can create some natural drainage systems that water flows through and off the property. Depending upon your soil types, the soil type will determine the grade, elevation and the positioning of your yard drainage system.

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