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Drainage & Irrigation

Got flow problems? We’ve got flow solutions. The League City Drainage & Irrigation company specializes in all problems with water, whether you’ve got too much or too little of it, we’ll help you find the right balance and get your flow back. Our company offers a variety of services including yard drainage, flood prevention, retaining wall construction, irrigation system installation, and landscaping to help you balance water flows on your property.

About Us

The League City Drainage & Irrigation company has been working in the League City area for years helping friends, family, and community members with water issues of all kinds. We are specialists in finding the root of problems like seasonal flooding, yard drainage, gutter leakage, and other water issues that are disrupting your daily flow. We will work hard to find a solution that is right for your situation because we know that every problem is different and requires a unique solution.

Our Services

With years of experience, we know that water issues can cause a variety of problems for different people and different properties. For some, your issue might be related to a faulty irrigation system that leads to droughts in your property. For others, faulty retention walls might lead to yard flooding and erosion. For that reason, we’ve learned to find creative solutions to suit each person’s unique problem. In addition to our basic services, we offer detailed troubleshooting so we can get to the bottom of the issue and get things flowing right again. 

Yard Drainage

One of our most popular services is yard drainage. Too much or too little water can ruin your yard and even have disastrous consequences for your home. Finding the right balance of water flow is our goal. Whether you have problems with too much water flow in your yard that leads to floods, erosion, and yard ponding, or whether you have too little water flow and have issues with droughts, we can help create a solution for you and re-establish the right flow.

Root Barriers

Tree roots can lead to water drainage issues on your property, especially if they are close to your house or building. It is not necessary to cut trees down to prevent flooding and water drought issues, especially because trees are such an important part of our world and ecosystems. For this reason, we offer root barrier services. Root barriers are an easy way to control the growth of trees and the distribution of water thus preventing flooding, droughts, and erosion.

Seamless Gutters

After years of experience, we’ve learned that water issues can come from everywhere: underground, over ground, and on roofs. Having properly working gutters is key for water flow and flood prevention in your home or building. If you’ve noticed you have interior leaks in your home, or floods in your property, they could be caused by leaking gutters. Give us a call and we’ll figure out what the problem is and find the right solution.

Sprinkler Repair

Water is a precious resource and ensuring you have a sprinkler system that works properly is one of the best ways to make sure you are not wasting water and overpaying on your water bills. Investing in sprinkler repair can help prevent water waste and will help decrease your water bills because you will have more control over your water usage. Our company offers sprinkler installation, repair, and removal services to meet your needs. In addition to residential sprinkler services, we offer commercial irrigation system services. There is no job that is too big or too small for the League City Drainage & Irrigation team!


The years of experience we have had in water drainage and irrigation problem solving has taught us that landscaping can be one of the most effective ways to manage water issues on any property. Our team will evaluate your property to find the natural water flow patterns in your yard. After understanding the natural pathways the water flows, we’ll help design a landscape that prevents flooding and erosion. Designing landscape based on the natural path of water in your yard ensures the most affordable landscape design and will make sure you don’t have water issues in the future.

Outdoor Lighting

Many people think that lighting and water don’t go together, and they’re right to think so. But, at League City Drainage & Irrigation, we believe that our understanding of water allows us to help install outdoor lighting systems because we know exactly what the water flows are in your property. Understanding the water flows and knowing how to install water drainage systems and pipes allows us to install outdoor lighting systems that respect the water flows so they exist in coexistence.

What Our Customers Say

“My yard always flood in the spring and sometimes water even gets into one side of the house. I called League City Drainage and found out that some tree roots were growing under my foundation and were contributing to the flooding. They set up root barriers and haven't had a water in my home since. Thanks League City Drainage & Irrigation!”
Johnson K.
“My contracting company always collaborates with the League City Drainage & Irrigation Company for outdoor lighting installations. Since they do most of the outdoor piping, they know where to put the electrical wires. We love working with them.”
Sarah G.
“I contacted the League City Drainage Company to help with the landscaping of my garden. They did a great job and even made a small pond that I now love. I highly recommend their services!”
Darwin C.

League City Drainage & Irrigation

Got flow problems? We’ve got flow solutions!

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